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Access All Eras presents Sydney's best Fleetwood Mac show which captures the band's sound from the legendary Rumours album and includes their hits from the early blues period to the contemporary hits. The success of Rumours as one of the biggest selling albums of all time has made this show one of the hottest tickets in town. Fleetwood Mac have an eclectic catalogue and this great Sydney based band with carefully chosen singers to bring some gorgeous interpretations of some of your favourite songs. Enjoy the hits from Dreams, Little Lies, Albatross, The Chain, Sarah, Don't Stop, Landslide, Go Your Own Way, Rhianon and more... Buy your tickets below!

The songs and stories from two of the music world’s most enduring and stylish bands: ‘Blondie’ and ‘The Pretenders’. Fronted by the quintessential Rock Chicks, the bands boast astounding catalogues of hits traversing decades and genres. With ‘Blondie vs The Pretenders’ you will hear the best of these songs as well as the tales of rock excess that saw their rise to super-stardom during the hedonistic 70s and 80s. Live and free at the Oaks on Saturday 25th May from 8.30pm.


Steve Edmonds, with a professional career spanning over 3 decades, has established himself among the upper echelon of the Australian music community. As a guitarist he has recorded and toured with luminaries such as Jimmy Barnes, Billy Thorpe, Renee Geyer, Human Nature, Delta Goodrem, Shannon Noll, Doug Parkinson, Matt Finish, Hippo’s, Doug Williams, Australian Idol Band and many more. Catch Steve Edmonds Band LIVE AND FREE at the Oaks on 15th June from 8.30pm.

Australia’s Ultimate Guns N’ Roses tribute act, brings to life the world’s most dangerous Rock N Roll band. Relive the music that defined the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, and experience firsthand the decadence and indulgence that shaped generations of obsessive fans. Live and free at the Oaks on Saturday 30th March from 8.30pm.


The Best Of You - Foo Fighters Tribute Show are the most brutal, in your face, rock tribute to Foo Fighters on the planet. Catch them LIVE AND FREE at the Oaks on Saturday 6th April from 8.30pm.


Temperamental has built their reputation to be considered the premier Divinyls tribute. Jerome Smith, ex bassist from Divinyls, has called the band "unbelievable". The show is authentic to the music of the Divinyls with an uncanny portrayal of Chrissy including several costume changes during the performance, showing the evolution of the band though the times. Live and free at the Oaks on Saturday 1st June from 8.30pm.


Join us for this HUGE 80s night, and sing and dance along to the tunes of two of pop history’s biggest princesses, Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Live and free at the Oaks on Saturday 29th June from 8.30pm.

There's no other decade like the 80s. It was THE era of BIG HAIR, BIG HITS and BIG FUN. NEVER ENDING 80s take you back to the best of it all. With a show packed full of the biggest hits by the biggest artists. As the band expertly carve their way through the music of Prince, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, INXS, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, as well as so many other giants, the vibe created means that there is nothing else you can to do except sing along and dance! Tickets are selling FAST, so buy yours below!

The successful history of The Angels and their legendary music has made them to be not only one of Australia’s greatest ever bands, but one of the longest surviving.

As a mark of respect and admiration of 4 decades of hits No Exit performs a musical tribute to the iconic music from The Angels. Live and free at the Oaks on Saturday 11th May from 8.30pm.


Desperado are the best Eagles tribute in Australia and winning multiple Awards is testimony to this! The Eagles are amongst the most popular bands worldwide, and their melodic country-rock sound has spawned numerous hits that are constantly played on major radio stations all over the world. Desperado, The Eagles Show was created to fill that void left by this prolific band. Buy your tickets NOW below!

The stage is set! Music playing, Lights shining, Smoke fills the stage, hearts are racing, and blood is pumping. As the curtains open our guys appear in the opening routine direct from the Movie Magic Mike. Every girls fantasy is fulfilled as the Hottest Guys from around the world grind their way through sexy dance routines in what only can be described as electrifying entertainment. The night promises to be an unforgettable evening as the Ultimate Male Revue Show explodes on stage for next 2 hours. The show also promises interaction with the audience including lucky girls being invited onstage for part of the dance routines and for games give a way’s and prises making sure that every girl celebration is indulged. It’s the most fun a girl can have standing up, they will be screaming and laughing and thoroughly entertained for an unforgettable night.